Kickstarter Update #6: Give Me a Break! (Don’t Give Me a Break!)

I’ve spend most of today working on the Fangamer booth for PAX, but I’m taking valuable time away from hard labor in order to come make this graph and post this update. I’m sure the rest of the guys understand~

You guys have done a great job covering the distance toward unlocking Bonus #3! And more color options for the shirts! I’m expecting to reveal the new bonus sometime tomorrow~

We also had a nice article written about us on Destructoid! That was very kind of them. Many thanks to Jayson for his kind words and support!

I’ve got to hurry back before the other guys get mad at me, but first let’s talk some more about shirts:

The Fangamer Difference Part 6: Prints! Everywhere!

Last time I talked about the tag prints we like to use, which most people will never see. Today, let’s talk about the other prints that people do see!

This happens even less often than tag prints, actually, but when we think of something that will look good on the sleeve or the back of the shirt, then we go for it. Some examples:

Here’s EB’9X with a full back print, Chronometer with a small back print, and Special Forces with a sleeve print and a small back print.

I’d love to go on, but the PAX exhibition hall is calling me. So much work to be done! I’ll be back tomorrow with another update~


Kickstarter Update #5: The Starman Hoodie Strikes Back

Sorry, I’ve been on the road driving from Tucson to Seattle for the past two days. What did I miss?

Oh, right.

You guys are wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that you’re not just going to have a jacket available today. Nope, you’re going to have both color options for that jacket, and an additional color option for the previous one.

These jackets are now available, just like the Dark Omen was before. You can either go straight for the jackets on their own with the Any One Jacket reward, or you can add them to higher reward tiers for $45 each!

Next up: our next Bonus Prize. Want to increase the free swag you’ll be getting with your pledge? Help us get to 60k. I have no doubt you’ll make it. You guys are incredible.

The Fangamer Difference Part 5: Tag Prints

You know those little tags on the shirt at the back of your neck? The ones with the size and washing information? We’re not big fans. I mean, that’s important information, but we avoid them when we can.

Not every shirt has this feature (which will probably only be seen by you), but many of them do, ever since we discovered that this was an option. Why not take every opportunity to make your shirt subtly cooler than the rest?

Seriously. Why not?


Kickstarter Update #4: Johnny Jetbike

Way to go, guys! I knew you could do it!

You folks have just unlocked at the new, Kickstarter-Exclusive Johnny Jetbike design!

 This design was originally used as a sticker in the Era Sticker Set, which has been out of stock for a while. Now you can treat this shirt like any of the other shirts in this campaign—either pledge for it with the Any One Shirt reward for $22, or include it in your Many Shirts reward for $20!

In addition to the new Kickstarter-exclusive shirt, we’re also adding more color options for some of our other designs: specifically 2300: Dust, Chronometer: Modern, and Rockin’: Aqua.


Next goal: let’s unlock that jacket design so many of you have been waiting for, even though I’m not going to actually say what it is.

The Fangamer Difference Part 4: Forward Printing

Since starting this campaign, several printing companies have contacted me, asking if we need someone to print all of these shirts. The fact is, I can’t imagine going with anyone but our good friends at Forward Printing in California.

It feels like Forward and Fangamer have grown up together as companies. They have worked closely with us to make our visions into reality. We’ve met them, we’ve seen their operation, and we approve. They’re a friendly, hard-working bunch of folks, and Fangamer wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

One of the cool guys at Forward Printing is a man named David Murray. David sells several great shirts designs on the side under the name Seibei. I recommend checking his stuff out!


Kickstarter Update #3: Just a Little More!

I’m going to take care of this update early today, since we have a lot to take care of before we leave for PAX. Graph time!

I posted the last graph fairly late yesterday, so the progress from then to now doesn’t look like much. Trust me, it’s going very well!

We’re very close to unlocking the next Kickstarter-exclusive shirt design! And along with that, we’ll be revealing more color options for some of our shirts! We’ve heard a lot of requests for additional colors, so we’ll be adding a few more based on which ones were asked for the most. But we have to get to 40K first!

The best way to help it along is to spread the word! Don’t be obnoxious, of course: tweeting about it every hour or two is probably overkill. Posting a Facebook message or tweeting about it once every few days could do wonders, though!

The Fangamer Difference Part 3: Discharge Printing

Have you ever gotten a shirt with a cool design emblazoned on the front, only to realize that it was awkward to wear because the print is so thick? Around here, we call that the “bullet-proof vest”. And we don’t like it. Especially since, despite the name, ink is notoriously bad at stopping bullets.

To avoid that effect, we often use discharge printing: a water-based printing method that causes the ink to practically become part of the fabric. This is an important quality in our shirts, since why would we bother getting quality, comfortable garments like American Apparel if we’re just going to make them uncomfortable again with heavy prints?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a quality we can properly convey over the Internet. Much like the feel of the American Apparel shirts, you can only really understand when you feel them yourself. In fact, it’s exactly like the feel of American Apparel shirts, since the prints feel no different than the fabric!


Kickstarter Update #2: Bonus Time!

Sorry for the late update today. I wanted to make sure I had something to show you for passing 30K. Bonus #2 is unlocked! First, the chart:

 With Bonus #2 unlocked, all backers $10 and up will be getting a free, Kickstarter-exclusive pin set made of repurposed designs! Pins set have been a part of this company since the beginning. In fact, some people consider our old, out-of-print pin sets collectors items and guard them jealously. Here’s the pin set you fought so hard to earn:

We’ve got a couple of designs repurposed from our coaster sets, a repurposed shirt design, and a alternate color version of a classic bonus pin! Since these pins will never be available again, you may also nab a few more if you like by adding $5 to your pledge per additional set!

Also, we have a new Bonus goal teasing us at the top of the graph! It looks far away, but we’re already half way there after only two days. I think we’re gonna make it. I’d like to note that the bonuses get better (in my opinion) as we go on, so expect the 60K bonus to be better than a free pin set~

In the meantime, we have another Secret Shirt to reveal at 40K! It’s looking good. If things keep going as they are, hopefully I’ll be able to reveal it tomorrow!

By the way, if you have any questions, please check the FAQ at the bottom of the main page. I’ve been adding new questions as they come up! If you have a question that isn’t answered there, feel free to message me about it~

Now, another short article:

The Fangamer Difference Part 2: American Apparel

I have trouble wearing shirts other than Fangamer shirts now, and it has nothing to do with the designs. Simply put, American Apparel shirts are incredibly comfortable.

This makes it much more difficult for me to get excited about free shirts given away at conventions and such. I mean, I appreciate it and all, but they’re just not as comfortable as the shirts I usually wear.

Our unisex shirts almost always come from American apparel, usually their 100% cottonAmerican Apparel 2001 shirts or their even more incredibly comfortable 50/50 American Apparel BB401 shirts.

If you’ve never bought one of our shirts before and all of this sounds weird to you (I mean, a shirt is a shirt, right?), then I recommend finding your local American Apparel store and trying on some of their t-shirts.

Oh, and the shirts are manufactured here in the United States. For what it’s worth.


Mailroom Closing!

Mailroom is closing for PAX, so orders placed over the next two weeks between Aug 24 - Sep 7 may not ship until mid-September — thanks for your patience!

Speaking of which, we’re throwing a little party with Attract Mode: the VERSUS art show! If you’re going to be in Seattle on Sep 1, you should check it out.

Podcast #132: Pre-PAX Cast

Penny Arcade Expo is next week! Jeff, Charlie, Ben and Melissa are gettin’ hyped up for it. We talk about the PAX schedule, different panels, concerts, free-play rooms and Japondogs. Robbie Benson of the Super Soul Bros, will be playing video music at the Fangamer booth. Come by and draw on our booth, check out cool shirts, meet good people, and listen to live video game music!

Will you be there? Tweet at us @fangamer and let us know!

James “Shy Guy” leaves us a voicemail revisiting narrative storytelling, and strong female characters. Leave us your own voicemail, which we’ll listen to during our next podcast in Seattle!  503-446-CAST.

No segment from Matt Hawkins this week. He’s busy working on the most anticipated event ever, in the history of non-PAX-exclusive events. Attract Mode VERSUS Fangamer is on Saturday, 9/1. 7pm - 11pm, located at 1927 3rd Ave. All ages. No PAX badge necessary. $5 gets you in, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Bar available for the 21+ peeps.

Reid Young brings us up to speed on the legend of Brian “Mashy Soup” - Who all in one day: got his computer fixed, met the Protomen, and got kissed by two girls simultaneously.

That Brian guy… What a compelling character!

- Mustin, of Mustin Enterprises

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Next podcast will be at PAX in Seattle:

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Fangamer News

Our Retrowear reprint kickstarter launched earlier this week, and was funded in less than 24 hours! Wow! Thanks everyone who funded it. Consider sending it around to your pals.

Ashly Davis shirts will be available at PAX, and in the store some time thereafter.

Double Fine is almost done!

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Kickstarter Update #1: Well, That Was Fast

We’ve reached our goal in less than a day! Congratulations, you guys! All of you will definitely be getting the shirts you pledged for! However, there’s still more to anticipate. Let’s look at the graph:

You guys blew right past our first goal, which was at $10,000. Why set a goal below the funding goal? Well, we wanted to have something to give everyone, even if the project didn’t get funded, just as our way of saying thanks. We’re still working on them, but once the campaign is over we’ll be sending everyone who donated at least $1 a series of digital wallpapers for your computers, phones, and other mobile devices based on our shirt designs! They will be going out some time after the project is over.

Our next goal is at $30,000, which I’m ready to say will be a physical bonus that will be added for free to every pledge $10 and over! So, free stuff just for helping this thing succeed. Help yourselves get to that goal by letting people know about this project~

Lots of people have been asking about large sizes (3XL+). We’re working on a convenient graph to show which designs/colors are available in each size. Hopefully we’ll have that available by tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to message me to see if the size you want is available!

The rest of this update will be part of a series of articles about the things Fangamer does to stand out in a sea of gaming-inspired merchandise. Read on if you want to know more about this company you’re supporting.

The Fangamer Difference Part 1: Extras

One of the first things people notice when they get their first package from Fangamer is that there’s more than just a shirt in the package. Every order comes with a few extra things, particularly buttons and stickers. Here’s our current lineup of free goodies:

The lineup is always updating. We add new sticker designs when we come up with new ones, and the button designs change completely a few times per year.

This idea came from when Reid remembered ordering stuff online years ago, in the mid- to late-90s. Some bands would throw in stickers and buttons for free with the merch he bought, which always just made his day, even though the CD he actually bought would often arrive in a beaten, cracked case. He decided that he wanted his company to have that effect every time someone opened their package (except for the broken stuff). So… that’s what we do!

I’ve since seen our stickers on all sorts of things: cars, notebooks, laptops, guitars, drum sets, phones// pretty much anything with a surface big enough to accommodate them.

It goes without saying that all of the backers of this Kickstarter can expect some of these extras when we start fulfilling your pledges~

I’ll be back tomorrow with another update, and another short article about how we try to stand out in this industry.


Shipping Delay & PAX!

If you placed an order in the past two weeks that still hasn’t shipped, we’re on it! Our apologies for the delay — we just realized that there was an error in our shipping process that caused us to overlook a swath of orders placed in early-mid August.

We’ll be caught up on shipping next week. After that, the mailroom will be closed from Aug 27 - Sep 5 while we’re at PAX.

Speaking of which, we’re throwing a little party with Attract Mode: the VERSUS art show! If you’re going to be in Seattle on Sep 1, you should check it out.

Podcast #131 Game Club: Superbrothers’ Sword & Sworcery EP

Jeff, Charlie, Ben and Melissa have their first Fangamer Game Club, since the departure of beloved podcast host, Gerritt Rosa. We spit good beef about Sword & Sworcery, by the Superbrothers. A fresh approach to the nostalgic bit art style, in side scrolling adventure format. We discuss its gameplay, overall story, art style, and if we consider it a classic.

Check out the unofficial Sword and Sworcery poster in the Fangamer store, Megatome by Cory Schmitz

Matt catches us up on video game news. Kevin Chai leaves us a brief voicemail while riding his bike. Leave us your own voicemail, with an awesome sign off line, at 503-446-CAST.

Next week is our pre-PAX show, let us know your plans in our forum.

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The godfather of the Fangamer Podcast: Kevin Williams, has chosen to step down from his segment. He will be missed.

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