Melissa King visited the office last week, and signed some of her popular "Leaving Home" posters. So, we’re going to have a contest! 

Write your best Earthbound haiku*, and you could win one of her signed posters! You can either respond here or post it on your own blog, but please remember to tag it with #leavinghomehaiku if you do or else I won’t see it! Also, please link back to this page; posts without links will not be considered.

I’ll be choosing my five favorite responses next Monday, the 15th of July. If your haiku is chosen, I’ll contact you for your shipping address. Anyone who doesn’t respond within three days loses their place, and I’ll choose another. 

RULES: We can only accept entries from users within the US, and you must be 18 or older to enter. Sorry! I’m also legally obligated to inform you that tumblr has nothing to do with this contest, and entries are submitted to Fangamer, not to tumblr.

Get writing! :D

*Haikus containing the word refrigerator will be immediately disqualified. NOT KIDDING.

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    Thanks for sharing the love! I haven’t written poetry in a while, but here we go: Fight for Peace and Love Making...
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  8. ricebowl276 said: #leavinghomehaiku Adventure awaits I just listened to a bug I’m leaving now, Mom
  9. delectabit said: A meteor fell Omen of a grim future Four children saved us
  10. serialchimerachosis said: Four Friends Together Who Are Now All Far Apart Dear Friends, I miss you.
  11. satsycomics said: I just want to say How hilarious it is To omit that word.
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