Are you a Sabin Figaro fan, or know one? My Blitz Comics illustration is now available as a print for $15 at Fangamer!

Be Part of Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati

Fangamer has partnered with Elizabeth Simins to bring you a shirt that people have been begging for for months - Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati. Choose from a v-neck or crew neck & each style is available in pink or black! And best of all - $4 of each sale goes straight to Girls Make Games~

Note: We released this shirt last night and it’s already our fastest-selling product! We’re starting to sell out of certain sizes, so we’re currently working on a reprint. If we’re sold out of your size, please select your size & color when you sign up for the restock notice on the product page so we know how many to order next time! Thank you! :)

10.15.14: Costume Quest signing with ZAC GORMAN


Hey Chicago! I’m going to be signing Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers today at Challenger’s Comics from 5-7pm! You should stop by!

Restock: Gym Shirts & Tanks

Fangamer's Gym line has been restocked! Inspired by the first three gyms in Pokemon Red/Blue, each design is available as a comfy shirt or a rockin' tank top. They're subtle enough to wear in everyday life and they're great as workout shirts!

Hint hint: three new designs will be added to our Gym line soon!



Get it here:

Tomorrow is now today! Costume Quest 2 is out! :D

Happy October!

October is here, which means it’s time to celebrate all the spooky things in life! Fangamer recently released a new Castlevania inspired shirt illustrated by Scott Balmer called Castle in the Night. It features spooky things like bats, moons, graveyards, and whips. It even comes with a free sticker!


Can we talk about Bowser and his dad glasses for a minute ⊟

Because this Kyary Pamyu Pamyu commercial for the New 3DS, and that shot in which all the Nintendo characters transform into the most fabulous versions of themselves, is the best. And there’s also Samus looking around like, “What is this. Why is this happening to me.” I tried to make a million GIFs of this Japanese commercial and publish those instead, but Tumblr refused to upload them. I hit Post, and the site said, “I can’t.”


Grab Select Posters for $8 in Fangamer’s Posterpocalypse Sale!

Fangamer has revived the Posterpocalypse Sale! Over 25 high-quality prints and posters are up for grabs for only $8 each! Supplies are limited, so get it while the gettin’s good!

supereurowarpzone asked
Hey hey, I just wanted to ask if you guys can by any chance show me pics of the Mighty No. 9 USB sticks you guys are shipping out? I keep putting off filling out my survey because I'm not sure if I want the USB sticks or not, haha. I've only seen the mockups so far and want to know if you have any final photos or concepts! Thanks!

Hey there!

The Might No. 9 USB memory sticks are still in production, so we won’t have a physical sample in hand for a while. Sorry about that!

Remember that the deadline to fill out your MN9 backer survey is September 30 :)