Lovely Zine Dreams

We’re shining another spotlight on the massively popular Dream Zine! Inspired by the Kirby series, this zine features artwork from over 70 artists in full color, and it’s perfect bound - no staples here! Check out some more artwork over at kirbysdreamzine, and buy a copy for yourself or a friend~

Bundle Up with the Temple Hoodie

Inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, Fangamer's Temple Hoodie is lightweight and perfect for those chilly classrooms & offices. Each hoodie comes with a custom “shield” zipper pull and a special embroidered tag.

Fun fact! The custom tags were lovingly sewn onto every hoodie by the model featured above~

Your Guide to the Creatures of the Kanto Region

In this truly impressive labor of love, Professor karifry succeeded in documenting the 151 creatures of the Kanto Region discovered during a survey in 1998. Her documentations include detailed illustrations and a description for each critter.

The Field Guide to Kanto comes in two forms - paperback and hardback. The hardback version features an embossed cover and a dust jacket that doubles as a poster!

Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo! I wish you luck.

What’s better than a bright & bubbly omocat illustration on an even brighter t-shirt? Not much! Treat yourself to some vibrant goodness with the Chosen Four shirt, inspired by the main team in EarthBound.

Pumped for More Persona

Did ya hear? Persona Q got a release date last week - it’ll be hitting North American and European shores in late-Novemeber! I can hardly wait x_x
Our Midnight Channel shirt will just have to tide me over until then~

Restock: The Kestrel Hoodie

Rejoice! The Kestrel Hoodie, which has earned the unofficial title of “Product that Sells Out the Most Often,” is back in stock! This is a lightweight hoodie, perfect for those breezy summer nights. Also perfect for people in the Southern Hemisphere who are experiencing winter right now!

Restock: Pirate

FTL’s Pirate shirt is back in stock again, this time with an updated bonus sticker! We’re phasing out the old slate colorway, since this red-on-black design is more popular and much spookier~

Pop the Question

Today we’re taking a closer look at one of Fangamer’s “oldie but goodie” Mario-inspired design. The Question Block shirt comes in 3 colors, each shirt a little different from the next. My favorite is the red one with gold metallic ink! What’s yours?

Local Flora Restocked with a New Tank Option!

space-coyote's vibrant, Pikmin-inspired Local Flora design is back in stock! This colorful design evokes feelings of the forest, and the watercolor style makes me wish I was outside painting right now. You get your choice of a cream t-shirt, or a new lime-green tank top!

The Local Flora tanks run a little small, so be sure to check the sizing chart on the product page! :)

Happy National Hot Dog Day!

Another food-related holiday already? I’m game! As it’s National Hot Dog Day, we’re featuring the DQ Value Menu shirt. Feast your eyes on that cute little Kirby shaped like a hot dog! And you can’t ignore that Slime Burger…